Focused on unique and limited releases, St. Roch Av. Recordings is an independent record label / recording company located in New Orleans on an avenue of the same name.  This site contains material from the St. Roch Av. and 504 Record catalogs.  

The last original remaining vinyl pressings from the 504 collection were recently discovered; the albums available here are offered as an attempt to represent and preserve the traditional jazz music of New Orleans. 

More info about this and 504 Records below:

Tom Stagg's fascination with New Orleans music began in 1949, after the purchase of his first 78rpm album by Louis Armstrong.  The son of a vocal soloist and dance band drummer, Tom attended elementary school at the Royal School of Church Music in Addington Palace, England. There he learned to read music and play piano and double bass.  After an enlistment in the Royal Air Force, Tom pursued a career in music promotion and touring.  As a member of the New Orleans Jazz Appreciation Society and the Promotional Society for New Orleans Music, he made his first trip to the Big Easy in 1961.  Between 1963 and 1968 Tom organized European tours for over a dozen traditional NOLA jazz musicians such as Kid Thomas, John Handy, Emanuel Sayles, Andrew Morgan, Louis Nelson and Alton Purnell.  During this time, Tom also created his own record label: NOLA Records, which released over 20 albums, cassettes and 45's in England.  By 1969 Tom decided to move to New Orleans permanently and took up residence in the historic Treme neighborhood.   While continuing to organize and manage world tours for the likes of Fats Domino and Dr. John, Tom met follow Englishman Mike Dine, a professional architect and NOLA jazz enthusiast.  Mike released his first recordings via NOLA Records and by 1979 created his own label: 504 Records.  Eventually, Tom decided to focus his energies and closed NOLA Records to contribute as a producer to 504 Records.  With over 90 different titles of traditional jazz music, 504 is currently active.   Dedicated to the preservation of the musical heritage of The Crescent City; 504 Records has captured some of the most honest, raw, and authentic traditional NOLA music of the 20th century.    

504 ceased production of vinyl in 1990.  While helping Tom Stagg relocate to a new apartment, St. Roch discovered the last remaining vinyl pressings from the 504 collection.  The albums available here are unplayed, found in their original boxes with minor disfiguration from age, but are still playable. Extremely limited in number.

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